Home of the Freemarketeers writing group where we collaborate to write books with free market themes. Our books are collaborative Open Source projects put together by the increasing number of people who feel like they have had the immense fortune of having stumbled upon the proper understanding of economic freedom (and thus how the world works) as provided by the legendary economists known as ‘The Austrian School of Economics’. Just like the Linux operating system can be continuously improved and propagated by many people, we likewise hope that the Open Source nature of this project motivates others to both improve it and speak on its behalf thus hopefully maximizing its reach. So far our github repository is here https://github.com/freemarketeers/books

ALL of our titles share significant amounts of content. The wisdom of ‘The Austrian School of Economics’ provides the building blocks for understanding ALL of mankind’s problems. So all of our titles include summaries of such wisdom, and then we attempt to apply such wisdom to our current problems.

Currently three titles are published using content from our repository which we list below in decreasing order of length and included content. Beginning with the bigger books that include the most content to our smallest titles.

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Real Science Requires Real Freedom: An Introduction To ‘Austrian Economics’, Cultural Evolution, And The Busting Of Mythology Arising From Complexity

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“Less Marx, More Mises: Sparking The Misesian Worldwide Free Market ‘Austrian Economics’ Real Capitalism Revolution” 

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The Liberty Speaks Book: ‘Austrian Economics’, Liberty and Emerging Worldwide Prosperity, NOW!”